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Welcome to the web site of works by modern Russian artistic wood relief carving masters from Siberia. All works presented on our website are handmade from natural wood species, with the help of modern environmentally-friendly tint coating technologies and natural methods for protection against external factors.

Investments: Each piece of work is an exclusive and unique individual project, a wood-carved reproduction of Russian Orthodox icons or non-clerical paintings. Our masters work on each piece for over a month, sometimes even several months. Collectors know that works made to such a high standard will, in several decades, go up in price tenfold, or even thousand fold; therefore, the acquisition of a piece of work of such quality is a good long-term investment in a work of art.

Our works: In our catalogue you can choose any of the finished pieces of work according to their description and size. Choose an item from the catalogue, put it in your basket, and make a payment in any of the suggested ways. Besides this, you can order a custom-made work representing any non-clerical topic, a pastoral scene, a reproduction or a fragment of an engraving by a famous author, and we will make it for you in wood, of a high quality, using the deep relief carving technique. We also offer icons for newborn babies, representing their personal patron saint for life. Any and all pieces of work that are intended to be exported from Russia are provided with a permit from the appropriate authorities. If you wish to order a unique project, please contact us. Please send your suggestions via e-mail to orders@bristwood.com. After agreeing upon all prices, work performance schedule, and the delivery procedure, you will have an opportunity to create a respective contractual order number and to make a payment for it.


Icons at all times have been used both in the interior design of churches and in home iconostases. The first wood carved icon was brought to Kievan Rus from the Byzantine Empire. Wood carved icons were worshipped along with painted icons. The carved icon reached its heyday by the 16th century. There were a lot of churches dedicated to Saint Nicholas and Saint Parasceva, and in each church there was a wood carved icon of the respective saint. The carved icon, being an image for praying, often was treated as a church sanctity. Wood carved icons were much revered in Ancient Rus. Eastern Christianity did not favor sculpture, giving preference to paintings instead. However, wood carved icons were treated more favorably, since they represented a kind of “intermediate link” between sculpture and painted pictures.Topics for carved icons were taken from painted icons. The most popular image in wood carved icons of Ancient Rus was that of the Sanctifier St. Nicholas of Mozhaisk. At our site, you can see icons by modern woodcarving artists, who follow the canons of the Russian Orthodox icon in their creative work. 

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